The Guardian Developers

Diversity & Inclusion

We value and respect all differences in all people (seen and unseen) at the Guardian. Here are some of the ways in which we help to promote a diverse and inclusive culture.


  • Job advertisement and description screening

    We use an augmented writing tool which uses a combination of natural language processing and data mining to screen our job postings for unconscious bias, reveal gendered language and help our job ads to appeal to a more diverse range of candidates.

  • Blind CV reviews

    We redact candidate’s names and educational institutions from CVs before they are reviewed by members of the Engineering team to avoid unconscious bias in the selection process.

  • CV screening

    Two members of the Engineering team independently review redacted CVs before meeting to discuss their decisions together. We encourage rotation of these groups to promote a broad and diverse range of reviewers.


Flexible Working

flexible working can create a range of employment opportunities to suit both changing operational needs and the needs of individuals. It can also increase employment opportunities for anyone with caring responsibilities who are unable to work full time. We recognise the importance of flexible working as part of its wider commitment to diversity and equality in the workplace.

Shared parental leave

Shared parental leave is a period of leave of up to 50 weeks that can be shared between parents after their child is born up until the child’s first birthday. It provides parents with more choice around how they balance their caregiving responsibilities and can help to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.