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We at the Guardian try to be as open and transparent as possible. That means developing in public repositories where anyone can see our work. You can explore our source code on GitHub.

What we work with




There are plenty more where these came from, but they are good starting points. And if you want to see our code in action…

Here’s 10 recently updated repositories:

  1. frontend

    (5650 stars - updated 7m ago )

    The Guardian DotCom.

  2. riff-raff

    (262 stars - updated 3h ago )

    The Guardian's deployment platform

  3. dotcom-rendering

    (207 stars - updated 6m ago )

    The Guardian DotCom Rendering Service

  4. prosemirror-typerighter

    (109 stars - updated 3h ago )

    The client-side companion to Typerighter. Match ranges with spellchecker-like semantics in Prosemirror documents.

  5. source

    (98 stars - updated 2h ago )

    Source: a component library for the Guardian's Design System

  6. amigo

    (48 stars - updated 3h ago )

    AMIgo: An AMI bakery

  7. editions

    (42 stars - updated 5h ago )

    📆🆕 Daily Edition app

  8. support-frontend

    (26 stars - updated 40m ago )

    💁‍♀️❤️📰 Frontend for the Supporter platform

  9. mobile-n10n

    (15 stars - updated 27m ago )

    n10n for nOTIFICATIOn

  10. support-service-lambdas

    (11 stars - updated 23m ago )

    Lambdas covering supporter operations, mostly in life operations